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Amazing UFO fleet sending Spy orbs in France, Sept 2013

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I recently recorded an incredible UFO sighting. A UFO squadron, floating over my garden, in the sunset. 3 red/white orbs, spheres monitoring the sky, when one of them began to descend almost vertically towards the ground. The two other ones went away, but I think they landed farther, or maybe they were the "mother orbs" and they just sent a spy orb to watch us nearer.

Anyway, these strange lights are not human-made. They don't look like any known craft (military or conventional craft), and their behavior is unfamiliar.

---------- THESE ARE NOT CHINESE LANTERNS: ----------
Go to 1:34 for detailed explanations if you didn't already. First, Chinese lanterns do not go down in the sky - actually they can, but if there is a lot of wind, as you can see in my footage, trees around me almost don't move, and lanterns CAN go down from a specific altitude, at least 1-2-3 kilometers high.

Secondly, you can clearly see that the orb descending is flashing/pulsating. Impossible for a lantern, and note that the flashing/pulsations are unnatural, coordinated, as if it was a physical object with lights on it (not just an energy ball).

Thirdly, at the beginning of the sighting, and even later, you can see that the UFOs are sometimes red, it's really fast - again, impossible for Chinese lanterns, as we use fire to light them.

Finally, the 3 objects all move differently, lanterns all move the same way, depending on the wind direction. Here, it's not the case. They look all "separated", individual lights.
I hope I explained well, thanks for watching my friends, don't forget to tell me what you think! '-'

Filmed by me over the Mount Valerian, France, Sept 2013.

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