Angels by Killah Priest

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First came the wings, then the angel. His spirit actually appeared to you...

[Intro: Killah Priest]

Word, know what I'm sayin?

Straight up. I gotta talk to ya'll about angels right now.

Y'all don't even be knowing that we having them all around you!

Protecting you, angels, just wanna talk about angels...

Something different we ain't discussed...

[Chorus: Killah Priest]

Angels (Angels) Elohim in the skies, fly with eagle wings

Angels (Angels) Elohim in the skies, fly with eagle wings

Angels (Angels) Elohim in the skies, fly with eagle wings

Angels (Angels) Elohim in the skies, fly with eagle wings

[Killah Priest]

First Genesis mislead us, first of all we have to discuss who is the us

Who helped form man from out of the dust

Who helped make the lands and fill the sea up? It was us!

In greater form, we helped creating storms

That take newborns & embrace them in their arms

They hold hearts, and play God his favourite song

Touch the heart, and make it warm

They taught the preachers, they sit on ether

Some say they touch women in the bleachers give them seizures

They fight demons, they like creeping

Angels, they govern kingdoms

Yo c'mon


[Killah Priest]

Angels, they brought the message from the heavens

Confused man about the immaculate conception

They dress in all black in their presence

They know the answers to mans questions, while he's questing

The cherub form in the jeroboam

Man should cherish them, but don't worship them

Why? Cuz they here to service men

Angels, they walk with plain clothes never let their wings show


[Killah Priest]

Angels, in which you imprisoned, show us visions

Play with your children, introduce us to women

They surround leaders, and politicians

Acknowledged by Christians, follow my wisdom you can hear them

They could be around you right now, sitting with their wings hidden

The ghosts of the night drifting

Float on the night skipping

Put my soul in conviction

Just listen to the energy, channels into the angels



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