Syrians try to protect Damascus against US attack

  • Uploaded by grimghost on Sep 6, 2013
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It's business as usual in Damascus despite intensified U-S war rhetoric against Syria. But many here are trying to find ways to protect the world's oldest capital from a possible U-S military attack. One of these attempts is 'over our dead bodies' campaign, which is made up of volunteers who camp out near vital civilian establishments acting as human shields to protect them. Participants gather in Damascus and then the buses come to take them to their destination. Security measure are taken and all the passengers should be inspected before coming on board to protect from terrorist attacks. Then the buses are off to camp. The first patch arrives to camp and while they get ready to spend the night the second group arrives. The first stop for this campaign was in Kasyoun Mountain overlooking Damascus, participants are aiming to protest the main communication and Television broadcast station serving Damascus and its countryside. The organizers admit that there are many challenges for their work to decide where to protect and to apply standards that would not jeopardize the lives of participating volunteers. This group of youth understands that they won't be able singlehandedly to stop the American aggression on Syria but this is their way of saying that they don't want to see an American aggression on their city.

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