Marine Infantry Combat Veteran Bryan Bates at John McCain Tucson Town Hall, September 5, 2013

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Senator McCain,My name is Bryan Bates. I am a former Marine Infantry Combat Veteran. I did a combat tour in Kunar Province Afghanistan in 2005 and another in Haditha, Iraq 2006. Roughly one year after the incident which you are aware of. I was also a Private Security Contractor in Afghanistan working with the Army Corps of Engineers who were leading the re-construction effort there. I am no stranger to Al Qaeda, their affiliates and the people of the region near Syria. I am here to tell you that I completely oppose any military intervention in reason, I do not believe that we can differentiate between who the good guys and who the bad guys are. I have lived amongst the population in that region. I have sat and ate dinner and been in many houses over there and I can tell you from experience that although there are many good people in that region; the cultural, religious and ideological differences from us Americans are too great for us to truly understand what is going on in Syria. We need to stay out of there. I am saddened by the atrocities just recently committed in Syria, but I do not want to see more brothers and sisters killed for a people who will change sides and denounce America as soon as they get the help that they want from still have many brothers currently serving and I can speak for the majority of them, they oppose any action in Syria as well. You sir, do not represent me or my people and I am flabbergasted that a man of honor who has sacrificed so much for his country does not understand the danger of aiding the Syrian rebels.

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