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Obama & McCain's War - WARNING GRAPHIC

  • Uploaded by Jordee on Sep 8, 2013
  • Hits: 208

While Obama praises Muslim groups within the United States. Obama is coming for our guns while arming his Al Qaeda friends.
He and the war hawks in congress support the Al Qaeda rebels in Syria. As you see in the video there are no good guys and the US should stay the hell out of entangling alliances especially with terrorists.
While the CIA has confirmed chemical weapons were used in Syria, they have not confirmed it was used by Assad.
When Obama draws a "Red Line" in Syria if chemical weapons are used, the rebels have more than enough motivation to use them to draw in the United States.
Obama, McCain, Lindsey Graham, all Congressmen, Senators, Democrats and Republicans who are for going to another unnecessary war, who are supporting Al-Qaeda, are needlessly placing in danger all US citizens overseas and at home. Attacking any nation is an act of war. Will this draw the US near nuclear retaliation? Or would the Syrian allies such as Russia and China start dumping US debt on the market?
America is broke, economically and morally. This whole Syria debacle is just another testament into the decadent pro war US politicians.

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