Resurrection a novel by Anthony Ashton

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This is a shameless attempt to promote my book, Resurrectionwhich, despite its title, is not at all religiousin the hope that you will buy it and tell your friends to do so too. So please mention it on Facebook, Twitter or wherever you will, and don't forget to write a rave review. But only after you've read it, of have never asked for nor earned one penny, cent, dime, Pfennig or whatever for the videos I've made over the years; I've looked upon them as my contribution to the future of my children and their children and all the other children that will suffer if our generation doesn't do something about the terrible state our world is in, mainly because of the absolutely vile people who seem to be running it. But I make you this solemn promise: If I do make some money from the book, much of it will be used to help me continue making the videos that seem to strike a chord in so many of your hearts and minds, and I know that this is because I try the best I can to tell the truth, which really should not be anything remarkable but, sadly, it seems to be, these any of you knows of a publisher who would be interested in producing a printed version of the book, or any film-makers who might be interested in the story, then please don't hesitate to let me know. I now live near the area in which the main action takes place, and it is stunningly photogenic and it is a good yarn, if that is not too old-fashioned an into your Search Engine:Resurrection Anthony Ashton Anthony Ashton thanks, once again, to Frederique Salti of HeliThai for loads of information and video clips, whose website is at: More thanks go to Susan Bradley for diligently proofreading the drafts, and picking up so many typos and a few other errors.

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