Charlie Rose: Bashar Al Assad Interview In Damascus #Syria #SyriaWar

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Charlie Rose interviewed Syria's president Bashar al-Assad in Damascus on News' Bob Schieffer announced the news on "Face the Nation" Sunday. The full interview will air on the "Charlie Rose Show" Monday night the same day as President Obama's recorded interviews with six networks. Portions of the interview will also air on Monday's "CBS This Morning," and other platforms across CBS previewed the interview on Sunday, speaking on the phone from Beirut. He told Schieffer that Assad "denied that he had anything to do with the attack."Rose traveled to the palace in Damascus for the sit-down. He was accompanied by Jeff Fager, chairman of CBS News and executive producer of "60 Minutes." The interview comes as the White House attempts to make the case for military intervention in is the first interview that Assad has given to an American news network in two years. Barbara Walters sat down with him in Syria in 2011. The conflict in Syria has been notoriously difficult and dangerous for journalists to cover. Twenty-eight journalists were killed in Syria in 2012, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists, while kidnapping remains a persistent threat."Obama Syria" "Syria Civil War""Syria Violence" "Obama Syria Attack""Obama Syria Chemical Weapons" "Obama Syria Intervention""Syria Attack" "Syria Chemical Weapons""Syria Conflict" "Politics News""President Obama Syria" "Barack Obama on Syria""Syria chemical attack" "Syria war 2013""Syria chemical weapons" "Syria war 2013 this week""Syria news" "Syria fighting""Syria war 2013 today" "Syrian gas attack""Syrian army" "Syrian mujahideen""Syrian mujahideen 2013" "Assad interview""Syrian mujahideen new videos" "Syrian rebels""Syria rebels" "Assad bashar""syria" "civil war in syria" "war in syria""syria rebels" "syria free""free syria" "syria news""syria war" "hezbollah" "syria war 2013 today""syrian civil war" "syria battle" "syria august 2013""syria september 2013" "syria july 2013""syria war 2013 this week" "syria war august 2013""Obama Syria""Syria Civil War""Syria Violence""Obama Syria Attack""Obama Syria Chemical Weapons""Obama Syria Intervention""Syria Attack""Syria Chemical Weapons""Syria Conflict""Politics News""President Obama Syria""Barack Obama on Syria""Syria chemical attack""Syria war 2013""Syria chemical weapons""Syria war 2013 this week""Syria news""Syria fighting""Syria war 2013 today""Syrian gas attack""Syrian army""Syrian mujahideen""Syrian mujahideen 2013""Syrian mujahideen new videos""Syrian rebels""Syria rebels""Assad bashar""Assad interview"

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