The Truth about Roman Catholicism BEWARE!!!

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Here is a video I put together explaining the truth about the Roman Catholic Church. This is through years of study and research. Some parts of the video also includes sources as to where you can get ahold of such information yourself. I will also provide links here in the description to other sources as well. I hope you find this video both informative and intriguing. Please subscribe to my channel for more educational videos on the worlds best kept secrets. -Rayneoflyte888 *The laws of Catholicism include the Catechisms=laws that govern the Catholic Church. And the Cannons of the Church=laws fabricated and written by men to deny the pure and simple gospel of Christ.* (More info on the Roman Catholic Inquisition, visit 1. Church Tradition (traditions of men) was declared OFFICIALLY to be of EQUAL AUTHORITY TO THE BIBLE by the Council of Trent in 1545 A.D. (More info) Catholic Catechisms for adults. (Buy the book here or do a search and view it online) .The exaltation of Mary; the term "Mother of God" applied at Council of Ephesus 43 A.D http:/ Music in video VycVyper- "Fate" (Produced by myself) Courtesy **VycVyper (Recordings) © 2012**

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