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The Financial Crisis is Not Over, The Worst is Yet to Come


  • Mac Dee#

    Mac Dee September 12, 2013 12:47:27 PM CEST

    I agree with most of what Turd Ferguson of TF Metals reports here, however, precious metals might not be the savior as it's being touted. If the economy crashes to a grind halt, its never been proven that owning precious metals will do you that much better then those without, because you will need someone to barter with to trade your precious metals for services, food, shelter, etc. You simply cannot eat GOLD, and those with limited resources such as food, fuel are not likely to part with it for a bar of gold, if that is all that is left.
    If the complete and utter collapse is really coming, and it might, then perhaps you might want to start planning an escape route instead, because it will be hell on earth.
    The other scenario that I see most likely happening here in the USA, is that most of us will continue to muddle along for a generation in a stagnant economy, with no hope of ever gaining wealth. To call it despair would be accurate, just paying bills so to say, while the rich continue to gain wealth.

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