Fireballs/meteors over Norfolk, VA after moon launch

  • Uploaded by TTBTS on Sep 12, 2013
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Quality bon this video is terrible. So mucy for the HTC One's ads about its great camera. My son, Quin, age 9, and I were driving home from the grocery store just before dusk tonight when he pointed out a bright flare in the sky, like a tiny sun that appeared and then began to shoot away leaving a trail. We were going in the same direction towards the Norfolk Southern coal yard in Lamberts Point, Norfolk. We pulled into the entrance of Norfolk Southern and parked the Jeep to watch. That's when the sky started to rain balls of light in all directions. Some seemed to be falling up, others changed course. Two nearly collided. Several seemed to just come down through the atmosphere as hunks of blackness with an orangy corona at the head and then became all white light. The entire event lasted less than about eight minutes.

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