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SILVER SURFER UFO UPDATE: There are multiple angles of footage on both December 1st and December 8th of STRANGE FALLING FIREBALLS over Santa Monica. WE HAVE- Footage by multiple witnesses- Footage from multiple vantage points- Footage from two different dates- Footage with electronic time, date and location metadataDECEMBER 14TH. 2010 UPDATECase Closed? Was the SILVER SURFER actually the RED BULL AIR FORCE? EVENT ONE - December 1st, 2010 5:09pm Angle #1 - SILVER SURFER UFO (My original film that aired on CH4 NEWS)... Angle #2 - San Antonio Spurs NBA star Manu Ginobili's UFO Angle #3 - Another mobile phone angle next to Manu #4 EVENT TWO - December 8th, 2010 5:25pm Angle #1 Angle #2 Angle #3 Angle #4 Angle #5 Angle #6 CH4 TELEVISION FOOTAGE (Bill Nye just said I might have put "brine shrimp" which are SEA-MONKEYS in my video that is hillarious!!!!!) SANTA MONICA DAILY PRESS HELP INVESTIGATEFACEBOOK GROUP PAGE OF THE SILVER SURFER VIDEOThis happened on December 1st, 2010 at 5:09pm on a walk in Santa Monica California. My wife and I were walking west about 17 blocks from the ocean when we saw these bizarre objects in the sky. It happened so fast, I barely was able to and I went off the objects to get a better vantage point, so only caught them for a brief moment at the beginning of the film. I really messed up the recording because I didn't know how fast it would all happen. Fortunately I caught a brief moment of the objects using my iPhone. I have NO IDEA what they but as you can they were big and high in the air (seemingly over the ocean) and shooting off some kind of myst, contrail or light. The top one changed directions twice that you can see on the film if you forward through the beginning frame by frame. Both objects were dropping really fast. When I was walking across the street to get a better vantage point, the iPhone was unable to refocus the light, and you can't really see much after I cross the but you can hear in my voice that the objects were weaving back and forth like the "Silver Surfer". These things just dropped super fast. They had these crazy short and weaved back and forth as they dropped. There were not any planes visible that the objects could have been dropped out and WHAT THE HELL were the contrails coming off of them?!?! It really looked like the "Silver Surfer" from a cartoon. and I have no idea what they but just wanted to share. I wish I had a better vantage point when I was filming. It does not look nearly as impressive on-screen, but I tell you that seeing it was totally wild and bizarre. At least you can see how about how big the objects were, what they looked like with the contrails, and that they were changing directions and dropping rapidly. I am just glad I caught even a moment of it on film. Anybody else see anything like this before? Anyone else see this that night in Santa Monica? Maybe someone knows what they were.

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