GMO Crops Burning, Halliburton Fined For Gulf Spill and Conspiracy News

  • Uploaded by CureX on Sep 12, 2013
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GMO crops have been burned in Oregon, but did farmers set the fire? We get an update from the pepper spray rent-a-cop that is suing UC Davis for psychological distress, and also look into the chemical weapons line in the sand that has been drawn against Syria by the Obama administration. Halliburton is back in the news after they have been fined only $200,000 for their role in the Gulf Oil Spill, the government continues to work new ways to cyber spy with X-Keyscore, and we look at the mysterious death of hacker Barnaby Jack plus more conspiracy news with Tyrel Ventura and Tabetha Wallace on 'L LINKS:Buzzsaw Episodes Playlist: Short Clips Playlist: BREAKDOWN:00:01 Introduction to :38 Burning GMO crops in :36 Pepper spray rent-a-cop goes after workmans comp for stress after attacking :15 The US Military arming Syria through intelligence :57 Halliburton gets a slap on the wrist for Gulf Oil Spill evidence :01 NSA getting intelligence through the internet with :32 Hacker Barnaby Jack, dies mysteriously after talking about cyber attacks on pacemakers.

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