Comet ISON : A New Hoax!

  • Uploaded by sundoom on Sep 13, 2013
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Alas, this is not part 30 of Comet c/2012 s1 ISON, but worry not that epic episode shall be out soon. This video is the latest installment from the Hoax Brothers and at this point I've got to give them credit and props for their time energy and effort. If you're keeping score, it's like Bruce Gary has a 100, The Fake Fakers have a 60 and NASA and professional astronomers for all their schooling, equipment, tradition and total manpower are still hanging tough at zero. It's all good though. It's 2013, FUBAR is the name of the game. Maybe ISON itself is the greatest hoax of all time. Who knows? Maybe ISON is doom or a piece of the whole DOOM puzzle, but at this point I am so puzzled I don't know what to think other than Government is not very good these days at whatever it is doing. At least not GOOD in a GOOD FOR THE PEOPLE to talk about it?meet me on the tweet me on the twitter @NewThor

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