Night Vision UFO WARS Pt.1/2

  • Uploaded by -Marduk- on Dec 31, 2008
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\\\"Appearing during the first hour and a half of the program, UFO researcher Ed Grimsley was joined by technology analyst Charles Ostman to discuss incredible UFO sightings and battles seen using night vision goggles. \\\"They\\\'re so unbelievable that I want the world to know they\\\'re there and I want the world to see the truth,\\\" said Grimsley, who introduced Ostman to the concept of using night vision goggles to spot UFOs.\\\"

This clip explains some of the UFO sightings in Ed\\\'s past and how exactly he came to discover night vision and its benefit to witnessing these events. My favorite part and reason for uploading this is when Ian questions the UFO weaponry and post-battle debris.

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