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Real ALIEN Skull! (Found at Machu Picchu 2013)

Real ALIEN skull! (Found Machu Picchu 2013 In what is believed to be a world first event, Weird Wild Spooky has been granted exclusive access to film this authentic alien skull. The one-of-a-kind skull, owned by a reclusive Austrian arts collector and antiquities dealer, was recently discovered on the southern slopes of Machu Picchu. Prevailing geological and environmental factors present at the dig site indicate the extraterrestrial item has been in its earthly resting place for around 700 hundred years. Other items, including multiple unique non-human skeletal remains and possible UFO/”space-craft” debris were located near the site — examination and testing is ongoing. ..........http://lethalnews.com/real-alien-skull-found-machu-picchu-2013-evidence-of-ufo-landing/

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