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37. UFO, ET Probe explodes overhead, Windsor Ontario. May 16 2013.

  • Maarhuis
  • uploaded: Sep 14, 2013
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I arrived at work place which is outside Windsor On in the country for the weekend On May 15 2013. and made a little intro video explaining what i had been doing with the ETs by hooking up and asking for a sighting this week. Nothing happened since March where i got 2 sightings, wondering why, i dreamt it was because the Boston Bombing and Korea drama and the populatiuons would b stressed out and paranoid so the ETs wouldnt show me any craft, finally they did. Click here for my next ufo video doing the exact same thing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkW8OxQ9jk8 May 16, I had been hooking up to the ETs asking them for a sighting, that evening they finally showed up, and i was ready for it. Canon HD video cam on a tripod, Canon T2i for photos and video handheld. In the background i deliberatly turned on the radio for audio during the sighting. I was shooting a Turkey Vulture when the craft shows up and i see it. The Craft moving toward the South southwest against the wind for over 20 minutes over my head ruling out Satilite, ISS, Balloon, Bird, Planet, Star. 2 cameras, photos, Radio, Birds cross the craft in the video several times, if that wasnt enough to top it off the craft then, what i thought at the time takes off instantly, but upon review it turns out the craft actually explodes into 2 craft as one descends down a little to the bottom of the frame as the video cam unfocusses.


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