38. UFO. ET Probe. Windsor Ontario. Lakeshore. July 18 2013.

  • Uploaded by Maarhuis on Sep 14, 2013
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Same as the last time, Video no #37. I hooked up to the ETs earlier in the day and they showed up at around 830. 9 pm. July 18 2013. I facing west from Lakeshore in the county the craft moved South, southeast. then, for lack of a better word exploded and fell with a cloud of smoke or something then fell towards Earth. Shot with a Canon video camera, and Canon EOS T2i 28-135 at 135mm. I turned the radio on CBC Windsor for further proof of my claims and to show the vid is 100% real!!!! I dont want anything but to teach that you also can call the ETs and film there craft for free.


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