COPS take Camera (VIDEO) -Caught Assault: 7 cops vs HighSchool Dropout - 7/16/13 -MAKE VIRAL

  • Uploaded by sundoom on Sep 14, 2013
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claim pending ill see you guys in average cop IQ 90-110 vs 146 IQ quality not quanity educate the police im wrong to freak out but really they are wrong to take peoples shit without cause of action of an injury / damaged / complaining LOVE TRUTH PEACE FREEDOM JUSTICEPROGRESS FOR PERFECT PEACE Minister/ Consul: Christopher A. Fleming-AlOne-Thousand-Four-Hundred-Fifty-Seven West-ridge Way, near Chino Hills providenceor The state-of-the California RepublicNorth American Continent, NW Amexem909-839-3313SIRHC3@

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