Public School Made My Kid Write about Dying in the Twin Towers on 9/11

  • Uploaded by Beforealt on Sep 14, 2013
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I read this story on Activist Post entitled Insane 9/11 Homework Assignment Highlights Trauma-based Education () where "a language arts teacher at Fairview Junior High in Alvin, Texas asked students to pretend they were trapped in one of the towers or planes, then asking who they would write a letter to if they knew they were going to die."Then my kid comes home from 9th grade here in Austin, Texas and she tells me her theater class was made to do a similar assignment where they pretend they are trapped in the twin towers and going to die from the September 11 attacks and what would they miss most, you know, due to them being The teacher apparently even went so far as to them the kids their generation is too apathetic so they had to do the assignment to get more empathy. is just a way for schools to traumatize children who weren't alive or weren't old enough to remember 9/11 so they will give up their rights as easily as the adults in this country have since that interview my kid here and let her tell it. We're calling the school tomorrow for a follow-up report. Website: : @TruthstreamNewsFB:

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