41. UFO. ET Probe. Windsor Ontario. Detroit. Aug 19 2013.

  • Uploaded by Maarhuis on Sep 14, 2013
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On Aug 15 2013. i pointed video cam at a ET Sphere probe flying over church steeple in Lakeshore area, zoomed in and everything but didnt hit record. I no, wheres the knife. On Aug 17 2013. i shot video of ET sphere probe while at work at the market see vid 40, i only got a second shot, it was hand held. That night at 1030 another guy shot the best video ever in Windsor http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMmufshyXbM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3BwSoAakus Next night down at the river i saw stationary sphere probe looking like a star i didnt film it but others saw it also 18. it then disapeared. Next night on the 19 i went back down and filmed the sphere probe again knowing full well it would show up because i asked them too well actually the ET got my ass off the couch and too head down to the river. I documented this at the beginning of this vid. Got down to the river set up and 10 minutes after sunset sphere probe looking like a star appeared above my head alittle to the northwest i started to film it for 20 minutes as the sky darkened the sphere reflected the setting sun turning red as on the horizen behind the Ren-cen in Detroit see video. It slowly faded out. Stars planets dont fade and disapear as the sky darkens. Satilties move across the sky they are not stationary for over twenty minutes. Also the object was not there the night before it was further North way over Detroit. which others saw see Video. i put the whole video in its entirty to document it being there for over twenty mnutes, if i did not do this everyone would call fake. So now theyll bitch its too long, Its a fucking ET craft over my head for over twenty minutes,!!!!!! im going to document it! if its there for three months. See the logic.

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