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45. UFO. Over Windsor Ontario. Detroit Michigan. Instantly disappears. Aug 25 2013.

  • Uploaded by Maarhuis on Sep 15, 2013
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Before leaving a stupid ignorant dumassed comment please fully understand the message in the link below, thankyou. So Headed down to the detroit sewer and there asked the ETs for a sighting. 6pm at 845 i was filming the sunset when i saw a star that shouldnt be there, swung the camera at it zoomed in watched and waited. The object "Sphere probe" very high, slowly got darker as it reflected the setting sun light. whenb it was far out and dark Boom. it instantly disapears. Anyone can contact the ETs and ask for a sighting, and everytime its like winning the Stanley cup in OT. Hit that like button and subscribe more ot come..... Music by Dan Belland. Month of Aug in review. Aug 1st.... Aug 1st ... Aug 17... Aug 17 what i missed. Aug 19... Aug 23... Aug 24... Aug 24... Aug 25...

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