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The "McPherson Tape" [RESTORED]


This is its original 1989 version, not the 1998 version I have seen on the internet. Thanks to LostMedia Wiki for helping me find this full uncensored VHS rip. I used a noise removal tool to restore the film and remove all of the static and buzzing from the original rip. This is not with Japanese subtitles and this is not clips from a Japanese TV program. WARNING: This film is not edited in any way shape or form. I have given it a R rating due to multiple uses of S and F-words and disturbing scenes. It is not suitable for those under 17.
The credits at the end should be a clue for those who are wondering if this was real.

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  • Lady_Nightmare#

    Lady_Nightmare September 20, 2013 8:43:15 AM CEST

    Although this is a cool and chilling video, I do not think it is real in any way. The one thing that tipped me off was the little girl. If mom and dad are freaked out and scared out of their minds, then that kid should be screaming her little head off, and she is cool as ice in this show. The aliens look super fake too. Well made but fake as hell. I have seen this enough times to see that it is NOT real.

  • Dubstar#

    Dubstar September 16, 2013 11:18:53 PM CEST

    Fake & Shit.

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