How to make a Matchbox Pinhole Camera - Eduard Piel

READ DESCRIPTION BELOWFollow this stop-motion with easy steps on how to make your own camera!Pause the video anytime to catch up with the process.*This shows only the basics of making a pinhole camera; use your own imagination and creativity to improve it and go beyond the basics*Items you will need to make this camera:Empty drinks can (metal tin)Small matchbox (50x35mm)BRAND NEW 35mm camera filmOLD 35mm film canister with some film sticking out (ask for it at your local film developer)Plastic page binder (this will act as the film clicker)Black (electrical) tapeClear tapeThin black markerThick black markerScissorsScalpel/Stanley knife(Large) ballpoint penSharp pinRulerTO TAKE A PHOTO:Wind the new (unexposed) film into the old canister. If you have taped the plastic binder correctly it will click when you wind the canister. Use 8-10 clicks after each exposure. Exposure time is between 1-3 seconds outside in daylight 3-5 seconds when cloudy and 1-10 minutes indoors depending on lighting. The shutter is your exposure, when you lift it you expose your 'S IT! HAVE FUN!Music: Noon - Junk Loop (Available on iTunes)Photos taken using this camera are here:

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