34. UFO, Windsor Ontario, ET Probe. Sept 30 2012, 6.18.58 pm.wmv

  • Uploaded by Maarhuis on Sep 16, 2013
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Callled the boys/ETs for a sighting down at Detroit sewer, they showed up and i photographed them. Im not putting up video's of me contacting ETs and video taping there craft to prove to anyone that spirit and ETs are a reality, or to get into a perception argument of proof im done with that, If you need proof then get to work in yourself, to each there own, and anyone can do this you just have to learn. Im doing it for vindication and revenge, for those who bash others and me for being contactees and a huge monkey wrench to the controlling basterds and programs of a two thousand year old lie of social conditioning systems from Religion, Science, Politics, that dictate from birth the lie your to born into. Taking back my power and feeing myself, making them realize they have no control and theyll never have it as each one of us wakes up for ourselves. ET Reality will free us from them in every aspect and we can finally evolve from a class zero civilization.

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