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Real or fake? Scary Mysterious Ghost Pictures

  • Vulcanic
  • uploaded: Sep 17, 2013
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  • danwiberg9#

    danwiberg9 September 19, 2013 9:08:22 PM CEST

    The first was a double exposure most of them were. The "White Lady" and the woman in the forest were real.
    I have an excellent picture that cannot be readily explained. Taken during a ghost hunting event.

  • Tyrssen#

    Tyrssen September 19, 2013 2:19:20 AM CEST

    Ghosts are indeed quite real, but I never found 'em particularly "scary." Some of these pics look like deliberate fakes -- phony "mediums" could produce all sorts of similar things -- but some, I'm not so sure about.

  • buckethead69#

    buckethead69 September 18, 2013 7:01:00 AM CEST

    Why do people think that ghosts are real? It's odd that these ghost always have clothes on. Did their clothes hold an attachment to life that keeps them from passing on to clothing heaven?

    Just another way to capitalize upon fear of death. When you die you go into a state of eternal sleep. You do not move on with any form of consciousness. So do it right. Live a good life. For you will never have another chance. You will not be able to care about what your life was like when you were alive. But you will be able to help make someone else's life much better!!

  • Rasputin.....#

    Rasputin..... September 18, 2013 5:15:23 AM CEST

    same old shit

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