The ISON Debris Trail and FEMA Region 3 CLUE

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This video takes a second look at ISON, specifically when Earth passes through the debris field of ISON, later in January of 2014. After some observation and trial and error, I was able to learn the geographic areas of the USA that will be aligned with the debris path from ISON which will be following behind would encourage anyone who is concerned with their area of the world and who wants to know what it looks like for where you are, I suggest you use the link to the ISON viewer and take some time with looking at different areas of the world as it relates to ISON dates and or its debris feel this is important information to share, for the more we know, the better we can be prepared for what could happen. Since I am only showing you the findings, you can decide on your own what it means to video only shows you what I have found and how I found it. I do not attempt to explain it, other than to offer brief discussion on the is important that we begin learning from what direction and in what regions of the world and the USA will be most effected by such ISON debris, because specific areas of the USA are aligned with the ISON future video will briefly discuss once more the Mars and ISON date in October, for there are matters there in that specific date in time and space, that must be put into perspective to be better plan on doing just that, in a short upcoming video. Thank you for watching. Respectfully, MrCatiISON USE NOTICE: This video contains copyrighted material. The use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owners. I am making such material available in an effort to educate and advance understanding of the content contained in the film selection & musical accompaniment. This constitutes a "fair use" of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law, in accordance with Title 17 Section 107. The material in this video is distributed without profit and is for informational, research, and educational purposes only. For more information go to:

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