'Arithmetic, Population and Energy' [Albert A. Bartlett, R.I.P.]

In Memoriam
Dr. Albert Allen Bartlett died September 7, 2013 in Boulder, Colorado. He was an emeritus Professor of Physics at the University of Colorado at Boulder, USA. As of July 2001 Professor Bartlett had lectured over 1,742 times since September, 1969 on Arithmetic, Population, and Energy. Bartlett regarded the word combination "sustainable growth" as an oxymoron, since even modest annual percentage population increases will inevitably equate to huge exponential growth over sustained periods of time. He therefore regarded human overpopulation as "The Greatest Challenge" facing humanity.


"Perhaps the most boring video you'll ever see, and definitely the most important."
But then again, after watching it most said that if you followed along with what the presenter (a professor emeritus of Physics at University of Colorado-Boulder) is saying, it's quite easy to pay attention, because it is so damn compelling.

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