Who Owns The Moon?

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AND LINKS BELOW!music by nova music from: :"Mars Bar" by Mat Andasun"Girl on the Beach" by Alexander L'Estrange"Bossa Continua" by Tim GarlandVsauce touch video: is the 5-second rule true? video: video on touch: "Crazy Chris" micrometeorites video: tweet: asteroid and Gregory W. Nemitz: Eros: probe landing: moon 'estates': Treaty: Outer Space Treaty: map of the colonization of the Americas: , Germs and Steel: "Canada Bill" Jones: ownership especially in space:,_ Heritage of Mankind: Doldirina article: treaty: we left on the moon/in space: allocation: of bogota: brothers "Insult to Injury": : (anatomy)Terry Slezak: dust exposure newspaper headline: dust falling to Earth links: of moon dust: meteor dust tracking video: impact video: meteorites:

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