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James Randi - Investigating Pseudoscientific and Paranormal Claims

This hour long lecture is from the McGill University's Lorne Trottier Public Science Symposium on the confrontation and threat of pseudoscience in contemporary society. As one of the central figures in the area of "flim-flam," James Randi has exposed fraud, deceit, cheats, fakes, liars, and charlatans with effervescent ease. Trained as a magician, his insight into pseudoscience is much more into how people fool themselves and others into believing an array of tricks from the bag of a learned conjurer. In this lecture he gives examples of such tricks and examines how they relate to modern paranormal myself do not own the copyright to this material. As stated previously, this was filmed, funded, and produced by McGill University, and so far as I can tell, this is their intellectual property. I have uploaded it here so that it may reach a greater audience and showcase the truly great work of the presenter and the hosts. If anyone should wish for me to take it down, I would oblige.

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