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Russian Roswell Complete Footage

  • Caino
  • uploaded: Sep 6, 2007
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  • Starphazer#

    Starphazer December 22, 2009 8:14:59 PM CET

    at 1:30 that branch almost takes out that guy.

  • Smuggler#

    Smuggler August 25, 2009 9:57:03 PM CEST

    This thing unravels in the first 25 seconds of the vid. Check out the trees next to the disk, next notice the berm of dirt piled up in front of the disk, notice the angle of the disk and how its stuck, now back up and check out the fore ground when you first see the disk. The trees are very close to the disk but not an inch of bark is missing nor are any knocked down. The berm of dirt is not fresh not even close to fresh and looks like it was pushed up not thrown out, notice no "Fan" of ejected dirt in any direction. The disk its self appears to have slid down the tree its resting on with out doing and harm to it, no scorch marks no scraped bark nada, you would figure if it crashed it must have been moving pretty fast and be damn hot no? The disk appears to lean as if left by a forgetful child and later had dirt piled up in front of it. The fore ground is covered in snow except where the dirt is piled up and no melted areas are seen, melted snow refreezes into ice which does not look like snow, it looks like ice. If the disk was hot ti would have melted some snow. Large on fake factor.

  • Ntelgntnrg#

    Ntelgntnrg October 3, 2007 4:52:26 PM CEST

    It's a show off technique of countries. "You americans think your the best and cool about your area 51 thing? We got your own Area 51 here it is." It is part of a competition. But It might be real. Who knows....

  • Hopouk#

    Hopouk October 3, 2007 12:29:03 AM CEST

    Yep, fake. The UFO is half buried in the earth, so why is there no churned up earth or rubble surrounding it. The ground is flat.

  • Thecure13#

    Thecure13 September 9, 2007 8:10:12 AM CEST

    It may be fake.

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