Reports With The Syria Army From The Border Of Israeli Occupied Golan

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17/09/2013- the correspondent reported in Syria, said the Syrian army tightened its control over the town of Shebaa in Damascus and knocked them militants, also spent 40 while fleeing from armed outskirts of town Maloula, while the army carried out operations to stop arms smuggling and the infiltration of militants across Lebanon and the occupied Golan Heights. Adjacent to the Syrian border by the Lebanese and the Syrian Golan constitutes a road and a conduit for weapons smuggling and entry of militants into Syrian territory. Hermon Mountain region is one of the more areas that insurgents are trying to move through it, especially since the Israeli entity facilitates their entry into Syria from the occupied Syrian territory in the Golan Heights, and has already provided medical treatments for victims of armed groups. A colonel in the Syrian army to our correspondent: the surrounding areas with high 2024 from the west and the Observatory Halaham Israeli, who is currently on providing intelligence and logistical assistance to terrorist elements that infiltrate from Shebaa zones to inside the Syrian Arab Republic. We set off towards the overlapping area between the Syrian-Lebanese border, and the parties to the occupied Syrian Golan, where the Syrian army deployed on the highest mountain peaks that make up the geography factor help him, to monitor any movement of the insurgents who make those difficult terrain garment covers them. During our presence to monitor the elements of the Syrian army infiltration attempt of an armed group near the borders of the occupied Golan, and they address them immediately. I feel proud of being on the front line to defend the homeland, and aspects of a message to the insurgents, as well as the Syrian people, that we are in a combat readiness of large and ready to repel any internal or external aggression. Insurgents are trying to exploit the special nature of the area, and take advantage of overlapping the border to open a corridor for the movement of weapons and insurgents to Sasa villages and Beit Jann in the province of Quneitra.

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