Comet ISON Linked To 2009 Norway Spiral And Now Headed For Phobos ? 09-17-2013

  • Uploaded by Fal2grace on Sep 18, 2013
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If the article here @ ( ) has any truth to it then the dirty snowball theory is out the window for sure, Russians claiming ISON linked to Norway Spiral and making course corrections it could not make if it were a comet and now headed for Phobos. With the NASA track record or things suddenly breaking down like Deep Impact and years back Phobos 1 will the Curiosity Rover have a mysterious malfunction when it comes time to image ISON? This video contains Facts, conspiracy theories, Some what ifs and my thoughts +130430+WFC3+F606#q=comet+ison+2+ News Image by Patrick EdaburnVisit me @USTREAM LIVE Free Music Provided By Purple Planet @

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