Syria War Front Update September 18, 2013

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Damascus (world) -18/09/2013- the correspondent reported in Syria, said Damascus International Airport Road became fully safe after the Syrian army control over the town of Shebaa and killed dozens of insurgents inside and the other expelled them, pointing also to the deaths of dozens of insurgents in Homs, according to military sources . Our correspondent says in Syria colleague Mazen Salmo in a news bulletin shortly before: After the control of the Syrian army in the town of Shebaa in East Gouta in Damascus found Syrian forces on a large number of improvised explosive devices and tunnel and several trenches were armed groups used to hide and shoot on the road to Damascus International Airport , especially since this town (Shaba) oversees the airport road. Our correspondent added: now it through the Damascus airport fully safe after Syrian troops control over town of Shebaa Brive Damascus, noting that the sources of the world confirmed the killing dozens of insurgents during operations carried out by the army in the revival of Barzeh and Kaboun in the northern axis of the countryside of the capital. He continued Channel correspondent: Well, there were violent clashes between Syrian troops and insurgents in the east of the gym in the neighborhood of Jobar Brive capital, Damascus, as clashes between the army and militants in the door of the compartment in Rural Damascus, where she spoke sources for killing dozens of insurgents. In Homs, our correspondent reported that the army foiled an infiltration attempt from Lebanon to Talkalkh Homs countryside, where sources confirmed the deaths of more than a dozen gunmen and some of them fled into Lebanese territory. The correspondent continued: In Deir al-Zour military sources confirmed that the army has made clear progress, especially in Baadin area where Syrian troops destroyed a mortar and a number of rocket launchers. The correspondent said the army was able to repel the armed attack on the city's airport in an attempt to infiltrate it, where the clashes took place between Syrian forces and armed groups, killing more than a dozen gunmen. He concluded colleague Mazen Salmo: Syrian forces also destroyed three cars equipped with machine guns Dushka, in addition to weapons and ammunition.

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