Anarchists, riot police clash in Athens gripped by strike

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Clashes broke out between the police and anarchist protestors after a public sector workers' walk-out against planned cuts and forced job transfers. The violence prompted riot police to deploy tear gas. Thousands of Greek doctors, teachers and other public sector workers marched through the Greek capital Wednesday afternoon slamming planned cuts and forced job transfers -- an unprecedented move under Greece's constitution. After the core rally, a large group of anti-fascist demonstrators initiated a march against the Golden Dawn party. Tension was in the air ahead of the march, following the brutal murder of an anti-racist hip-hop artist, Killah P, who was stabbed to death by a suspected member of the extreme-right Golden Dawn party on Tuesday. The protestors shouted anti-fascist slogans, including "Blood for blood" and "Kill fascists in every neighborhood," with calls to head for Golden Dawn, Kafanov says. The rally attracted anarchists, with masked young men starting throwing rocks and assaulting the riot police, who retaliated with tear gas, RT's Lucy Kafanov reported from the scene.

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