Diabetics, What Will Happen When SHTF? When and How Will Currency Resurface? and more! ATH1

Welcome to the first episode of Ask Tin Hat, THE survival Q&A on Youtube. In this episode we answer viewer submitted questions on what will happen to diabetics if SHTF, how to pack your bugout bag, what will happen to currency, and yes, we answer a question from a viewer on removing a dog's vocal thanks to Ribz for sponsoring this week's giveaway, check them out: Further information for diabetics:Dr. Banting's 1925 Nobel lecture (which includes the "recipe" for insulin): article on how to prepare if you have diabetes: A video on the story of Eva and Victor Saxl: sure to leave your question in the comment section below, at or email us at asktinhat@ weeks giveaway is for a Survival Slingshot, so keep the questions coming! Music by Images CC0

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