FEMA Readies 100,000 Person National Disaster Medical System Mobilization For 1,000 Locations

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FEMA already bought storable foods:
DHS bought the ammo:
More and more people are wondering what does the government know that they aren’t telling the masses? What are they are preparing for? Some type of pandemic? A terrorist attack they know is going to happen but haven’t bothered to inform the public? Is it ISON? How about the alleged "unconventional" nuclear weapon transfer within the US?
The video shows massive preparations being made for a 100,000 person national disaster system mobilization team, for 1,000 locations, on just 48 hours notice.
[Update] Noteworthy, reported by Live Free Or Die, the CDC is also preparing for a “wide scale Pacific Rim emergency.”
Via the details from the video:
Contractor comments/questions call it an “Armageddon scenario” and question the capabilities of their industries to support it. These Government solicitations have all the earmarks of massive logistical incompetence.
The threat being prepared for appears to be coming out of the Pacific Rim region, a likely scenario is the human spread of Avian Bird Flu (H7N9) out of China. We think less it is less likely (but we can’t rule it out) that this is a Fukushima preparation because nuclear threats are invisible and usually deniable. Any such mobilization MUST BE less panic inducing than the threat which it seeks to quell, aka PANDEMIC.

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