Government Insider (Robert Connors) Exposes Hip Hop Conspiracy

  • Uploaded by Isotrop on Sep 19, 2013
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We can't confirm the authenticity of this video. Use your video was released on Robert Connors' youtube channel yesterday. It is the only video on his he's a 20-yr employee of DOD. Said he worked on the second stage of MK Ultra, known as Operation Sedgwick, which was intended to control the African American population and urban youth through he has video and audio recordings proving the existence of project and is giving DOD until 9/23/13 to fess up or he'll release the info via Youtube. He's encouraging other DOD employees to speak contains a telephone recording of Michael Jackson speaking of a government conspiracy to murder did a google search on "Robert Connors Department of Defense" and got the following links, which show he does work for first link is to the DOD employee directory.[link to ][link to ][link to ]

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