32. UFO. Windsor Ontario. ET Probe, Sept 15 2012. 6.04 pm.TAX THIS!!!! YOU ANTI-LIFE BASTERDS.wmv

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We went to the river to film the ET craft, Saw craft, filmed craft along with hi-res pics. So here it is the brutal truth, We spiritually hook up to the ETs and ask for sightings. We asked on friday 14th, specifically to go to the river where we'd be at in a 2-3 hour period when the craft appeares above our heads in a spot cloud that was above our heads, what are the odds of that, the odds are too stupid too be but true, and since ive done this 32 times recorded and at least a hundred not recorded the odds are alot better. Now the reason im putting this here is because anyone can do it and its easy. Regain your own power, your own truth, and own it! freeing yourself by submitting to your own spirit/heart, let it guide you instead of the controllers, own nothing else to make your descisions, then with your spirit and ego as one in yourself agree on a sighting in yourself and ask yourself for it. It'll happpen. I want nothing but to teach and watch the control over this planet die, the only way is by everyone freeing themselves from it owning who they really are and owning there own power in Love and true freedom. I personally let my innocence in my heart and spirit guide my life, i ask my innocence in agreement with my ego for a sighting if im 100% in agreement i then with my innocence hook up to the ETs, feeling them in my heart, just like you feel your mother or anyone, i then no im in direct contact with the ET, dont worry about the ET just ask for a sighting to your innocence or the feeling, time and place, The ETs i work with are so spiritually advanced youd never understand there way but they hear you. Also its best to have no ambivilance building up in you, let the energy go, the ambivilance will negate the request the energy and communtication has to flow. Make it a day time sighting so for your first time there will b less fear. If your in tune with your innocence youll no you wont get abducted and there is no fear. Open your innocence let it rule your ego in love, your life, negating any fear, the more you bury it the more youll fear. Love and innocence kills the fear in your head, with everything. Listen to the innocence to guide you in everything for it is truely you. When you get your confimation with a sighting and many more event confimations in your life the walls, lies, and the box of bullshit you live in will fall. your life will change and you can never go back. Also meditate to your innocence let it rule in you its bigger than your ego trying to control it, give up all control over it, submit the ego control and let it die, because its conditioning bullshit!, its the ultimate 10,000 year old lie over your own truth within, your innocence is god nothing else, your connection to all that is, nothing else. And from that innocence is your connection to everything in the universe period. Own your own power!

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