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UFO hovering at tree top level spotted over Hungary

  • Uploaded by Trip on Sep 20, 2013
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The UFO moved silently above a local pond at tree level and disappeared in the blink of an eye. UFO Sightings From Around The World! If you like what you seen and want to see more, please subscribe. Lots more to come! Some of the stranger things that hapens in our skies.Watch More Like This Here: Red Lights over São Paulo,Brazil Night Sky Huge ufo over Moscow,Russia looks real first sight UFO STRANGE GLOWING OBJECT vanishes UFO Yellow ORB - AMAZING FOOTAGE HD "Shining Object" in the Skies of Miami What Do Aliens Look Like? Strange blinking UFO/Lights in the sky UFO Sighting Bright and Yellow Orb in Mexico UFO Germany white ufo clear sky over Berlin U.F.O. - UFO - Unidentified Flying Object over Barcelona Spain UFO - Kanagawa, Japan UFO - Canada, Ontario first sightings Huge ufo over Sydney,Australia looks real Please don't forget to Share ,rate, comment & subscribe!

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