The Case for Antigravity (2005)

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To discuss this video in detail, share links, and more please visit:(2005)&p=929#post929This presentation asks: What is Gravity? What is Anti-Gravity? What evidence is there that technology, other than "conventional" aerospace technology exists which could be thought of as being "Anti-Gravity" or something attempting to control Gravity? It then looks at: Some History of Antigravity Research Some of the Research of Nick Cook The Hutchison Effect Some Antigravity Experiments Coral Castle (Florida) Alleged Black Projects in the USA Sightings of Flying Triangles Hints of "New Technology" which have come from NASA Sources of Information Used: JL Naudin's marvellous site Nick Cook's The Hunt For Zero Point (2002) (Available from Amazon etc) American Antigravity Archive of (no longer available) Jeff Rense sound archives Flying Triangle Pictures from UFO Casebook - Fouche Presentation - Channel 5 Documentary Billion Dollar Secret (1999) Channel 4 Documentary Welcome to the 11th Dimension (2003) Channel 4 3-part Documentary Riddle of the Skies (1999) NASA Briefings at (no longer available) Thomas Townsend Brown -- Coral Castle -- was one of the videos I stumbled upon in my initial research into anti-gravity which lead me into researching Ed Fouche and first revealed to me the existence of Metamaterials and Quasicrystals (which I had no idea about at the time) I credit this video for inspiring me to take the research a step further and create the AlienScientist YouTube Channel. I am now paying my respects to the author of this video by re-uploading it here to YouTube so that more people can learn about the work that inspired me.

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