Clashes between insurgents in Syria despite the truce

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Damascus (the world) 09/20/2013 - our correspondent in Syria, said that there are violent clashes taking place between armed groups in the Syrian town of Azaz, despite the signing of a truce between them, and added that the banner of the so-called unification intervention to resolve the dispute between the so-called "Free Army and the Frente victory." He said our correspondent that there is talk of a truce was signed between the armed groups to resolve the dispute among them, but there are conditions that are re all places controlled by Front victory in addition to the release of detainees held by both sides and that there is a barrier doing the banner of unification of the separation between the groups fighting . He said there are points in front of the victory did not agree on this subject, and it seems that there are external links to some of the armed groups. Specifically with regard to fabricating the crisis on Azaz crossing and those areas in this town, because the issue is not confined to the town but spread to some other areas, including Deir ez-Zor. In the city of Raqqa, our correspondent said Nasra Front culling process will field some people because they were cooperating with the so-called "Free Army", this indicates that the expansion of clashes between armed groups in this regard. On the other hand, our correspondent said the Syrian army has cleaned up some of the towns of the armed groups in Homs, specifically in the countryside Bowl and phalanx villages west of Homs, where they were completely cleaned of the presence of armed groups, and there is still the operations carried out by the Syrian army. In Damascus, there were clashes this morning on Almazemih axis where there are still sporadic clashes carried out by the Syrian army, as well as on Jobar complete axis of the military operation in Turkmen Balgoth the East, where Syrian army tightens grip on armed groups present in those areas.

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