UK Terror Raids Linked To Syria Conflict

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The conflict in Syria has seen extremist Al Qaeda-linked groups rise to dominate the ranks of militants fighting against President Bashar Al-Assad. Despite repeated warnings to Western governments about the nature of these groups, those governments have nonetheless continued to support them politically, militarily and financially and the consequences of that policy are beginning to be felt in the UK Earlier this week, UK border police officers stopped 2 men at Dover port. The men, both in their 20s, had traveled by boat from Calais in France, seemingly in a bid to enter the country without arousing attention. They were arrested under the terrorism act and a quantity of ammunition was seized by security forces and the police say that the allegations are linked to acts of terrorism committed in Syria. In March of this year, a report by the British government concluded that the biggest danger to the UK's national security was terrorism and that the conflict in Syria was particularly contributing to this threat, a conclusion security experts concur with. The war rhetoric coming out of the UK and US getting quieter, the fears of a wider conflict have receded for now. And public opinion is widely against the UK continuing its involvement in the conflict. The British government's support for radical extremists in Syria is having devastating consequences. These latest arrests will serve to remind that those consequences will be felt on the UK's own soil one day soon.

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