Curiosity sol 75 disclosure spectacular with special forward by Artifactsofmars An incredible number of artifacts, plants galore and structures await your viewing. Of particular interest are a angular corner piece from a building, which is blatantly artificial, and a hollow temporary structure which indicates possibly that animal life can indeed exist on the surface of Mars. The evidence of an alien civilization is overwhelming in this photo. There may even be some cipher-based communication seen in the photo. I saw a symbol similar to the number 8 or letter B, and also possibly the Greek letter Phi. Machinery is also evident, as witnessed by the umbilical attachment to the hollow structure that I mentioned before. Perhaps the triangular object beside it contains some type of machinery which supplies those who use the hollow structure. Please click the link above to grab the photos. Originals are on the left; the photos modified for clarity are on the right. I encourage people to copy, display and freely distribute this video. My videos are intended for the public and they are not copyrighted.

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