Sustainable Spaceships powered by Renewable Hemp Fuel

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Hemp can make it cheaper to develop antimatter for spacecraft, and so much more, like providing energy for ion propulsion and ionizing renewable gas from hemp. Do you care there could be cheaper transportation, even within the solar system and into Interstellar space? Check out a free inspiring documentary Antimatter: The Future is Now with information that also might be able to provide a new road map toward new innovative space propulsion systems founded in both nature and theory.

Ethanol rockets have been undermined. Ethanol is lighter than water fuel and hemp bio-fuels burn at lower temperatures compared to other bio-fuels. Who is anyone to say there is no money for space when there is a corrupt society engaging in war against life itself? Trillions of dollars over the years have been wasted in a fraudulent failed war on drugs.

Development of space is so slow and years have already been wasted, Check out a news article Speeding up Development of Space and Reducing the Cost of Living

Music and Animation of spacecraft flying by Mars by Myles O'Howe
Animation of Bernal Sphere by Nick Stevens AKA Starbase1

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