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The Gold Of The Ancien Aliens:Collection Father Crespi-And Ica Stones.Cueva De Los Tayos


Collection Father Crespi and Ica Stones Peru South-america..This a part of the collection of Father Crespi,objetcs that were found in the Cave of Tayos,in 1976 the Elite made an expedition to the Cave with Neil Armstrong to the head To hijack and hide to humanity the cultural evidence of other civilizations that inhabited the earth many millennia ago.Armstrong,stanley hall and many of the politicians Ecuadorians were directly involved in the looting and robbery in the cave and a large part of the collection Crespi

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  • Bravolita#

    Bravolita October 6, 2013 6:20:30 AM CEST

    Incredible pieces,where are they now? Any musseum in particular??? Please let me know.Arturo Bravo

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