Israeli soldier shot dead in Hebron al Khalil

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An Israeli soldier was allegedly shot and killed by a Palestinian sniper in the West Bank city of Hebron also referred to as al Khalil. The shooting occurred outside the Ibrahimi mosque where the soldier was shot directly in the neck and transferred to the hospital where he died from his wounds. This took place during a Jewish holiday when 11,000 Jewish settlers visited the mosque known by them as the Cave of the Patriarchs. Following the shooting, the Israeli army locked down the city and raided the homes of the Palestinian locals, arresting several young men. A resident of Hebron Shawan Jabareen stated that the Israeli army is now seeking revenge and collective punishment which may lead to a humanitarian crisis. Media analyst Dr. Fayez Abbas stated that the reaction from Israeli officials has been to call upon Benjamin Netanyahu to cancel the release of the Oslo prisoners and take punitive measures against Palestinians. Before the shooting, clashes took place as Israel prevented all Palestinians from entering Ibrahimi mosque and the old city and imposed closure on many shops. Residents stated that the army held guns to the heads of shop owners to impose closures. The Israeli soldiers shot tear gas and rubber bullets and the Palestinians responded by throwing stones. Following the incident, Israel imposed a curfew on the city and prevented everyone from entering or exiting it, including a pregnant woman who wanted to go to the hospital. Tensions remain high in the area as the Israeli army continues to arbitrarily arrest Palestinians and ransack homes. The residents say this is another form of collective punishment by the Israeli army, which violates international humanitarian law.

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