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Underwater Pyramid Discovered In Azores

  • 8seconds
  • uploaded: Sep 24, 2013
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  • 8seconds#

    8seconds September 29, 2013 10:56:49 PM CEST

    @ jjbreen7, It's the tip of the pyramid that is 40m below the surface.

  • jjbreen7#

    jjbreen7 September 29, 2013 7:04:31 PM CEST

    Oh and here is more proof of your Busted Claim:

    Strange New Island Rises Up From Arabian Sea After Earthquake: (Yes it actually did happen!) And funny thing ... there are PLENTY OF PICTURES OF IT ....

    But again the MATH ---

    and I quote: "The island is said to be about 20 to 40 feet high and 100 feet long. Photos showed amazed locals milling around on top of it...."

    Now understand: 20 to 40 feet high = roughly 6.09 meters to 12.192 meters.

    So again I point out ... 196 - 131 = 65 feet and/or 19.812 Meters ... which is easily higher than the Pakistan by, well you do the math (if you can)

    There are plenty of pictures and verifiable confirmation of the Pakistan Island ... where are yours???? I mean seriously - something that is 65 feet / 19.8 meters above water is NO SMALL ITEM.

    A find like this would have PLENTY OF PICTURES, dude ... plenty ... so again, umm ... where are they? They should be "in the news" like the Pakistan Island!

  • jjbreen7#

    jjbreen7 September 29, 2013 6:44:10 PM CEST

    First I find it sad/funny that you put all your links to Spanish Websites - you should have used common sense and found some English sites as well - or maybe you could not???

    But that being said ....

    As I suggested - You should have engaged Common Sense and Some basic Math:

    So from the English sites about this - which well .... here is the math:

    And I quote:
    "Portuguese news sites are reporting on the alleged discovery of a large man-made pyramid located at a depth of approximately 40m."

    For those Non-Metric minded: 40 Meters = 131.23 feet depth.

    Now ... we have the supposed object:

    "The pyramid is perfectly shaped and apparently oriented by the cardinal directions," Silva told a local newspaper. The structure is thought to be approximately 60m tall and has a base of around 8,000 square meters.."

    Again for those who are not Metric Minded: 60 Meters = 196 feet tall.

    196 - 131 = 65 feet and/or 19.812 Meters ...

    So it would easily be above the surface of the water! (Umm - where are the pictures of this above Sea Level, because the Math easily proves it should be??) Funny how there are no pictures of this 'above sea level.

    See - Busted as a hoax .... Unless you can show verifiable picture of the Perfect Pyramid's top above the water level? (please .... it should be easily done.)

  • J1mmyc#

    J1mmyc September 27, 2013 12:57:28 PM CEST

    FFS, it's in foreign, what's the point of that?

  • godnodog#

    godnodog September 25, 2013 7:55:34 PM CEST

    And more links from mainstream media:



    And more links available
    These are links from mainstream media discusses the possibility of already existing piramids in the Azores, when Portuguese sailors arrived at the uninhabited islands.




    Mathmatical science website

    Science website:

    And it has arrived to mainstream in Brazil:

    And finally more links usinf google search


  • godnodog#

    godnodog September 25, 2013 7:45:35 PM CEST


    I am the person that posted the thread a few days ago and also gave the new to Disclose.tv

    As for the discovery itself the question was if it was natural or artificial, in other words if it is a pyramid or a natural underwater hill /mountain. Remember that a island/rock just appeared days ago in Pakistan (if I am not misstaken) after an hearthquake.

    I personally think it´s a natural occurrence, but the thing exists and is not a hoax.

    If any one has a portuguese speanking friend ask them to translate the video for you.

    Here is my original post, if you are interested:


    As to been busted already, I sincerely doubt it, has this is still in mainstream news, today was a big distribution newspaper with the same news.


    And also mainstream media:


    In the last link a Navy Admiral (Counter-Admiral, dont know the name in englush) said that the charts of 2 years ago didnt have this formation, nevertheless they are examining data to see if it constitutes a potencial hazard to navigation and they are also waiting for information to what equipmente was used .

    The area is also a vulcanic area.

  • jjbreen7#

    jjbreen7 September 25, 2013 6:12:06 PM CEST

    This has already been "Busted" as a hoax. All you have to do is some common sense math/science to know this does NOT work - seriously - COMMON SENSE 101.

    Seriously - I agree with the first post but with a different twist: Your supplier is slipping "mickies" in your kook-aide.

  • Vulcanic#

    Vulcanic September 24, 2013 10:08:27 PM CEST

    dude hook me up with your dealer you must be getting some good stuff

  • Mattmarriott#

    Mattmarriott September 24, 2013 6:16:46 PM CEST

    Understand why the pyramid was discovered
    - NOT by the "scientists" studying the ocean around the Azores but by a hobby sailor;
    - in April 2013 and there was not a beep about it anywhere, starting with Azores and mainland Portugal media, until Sept 23. 2013.

    More UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE to what extent, you, the beasts, were brainwashed:
    The "mid MID ATLANTIC ridge" in Wikipedia, the same good old fuzzy technique used in the "moon" "landing" 1969. (1)
    Try updating this 1980 version with the latest version released 30 years later (the one that the illuminati force Google to display as graphic in Google Earth, see text below) and the illuminati "editors" of Wikipedia will immediately delete it ...

    UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE: there is NO MID ATLANTIC RIDGE - it is a hoax created by the illuminati as exposed by LAST PROPHET long ago

    The bigger the lie the easier it is to expose.

    The illuminati created the MID ATLANTIC RIDGE hoax in 1948, in an Atlantic Ocean that was more than 99.9% uncharted.
    The hoax was exposed long ago by Last Prophet.
    To expose this hoax all you have to do is to compare the uncharted area around the Azores islands as it changed over the last 60 years in the ocean relief maps.
    There is now a huge underwater plateau (more than 1,000,000 sq km) with the shape of a triangle where before the "ridge" was running ...

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