7.8 Earthquake: Pakistan - The Data, and Genesis of the Earthquake Watch

Last Night's News: http://www.suspicious0bservers.org/september-23-2013/ Today's News: http://youtu.be/GGsr7HaReg0 How to Watch the Sun: Spaceweather 101 - http://youtu.be/ld5ecZuHECA They want to blame you : http://youtu.be/l-RvUedfKpk I am back through a few months and already have post-corrected over half of the failed watches by using the coronal hole power. I have shown the magnetic connectivity since 2011, but never connected the dots until now in terms of how to judge coronal holes. What a fail on my part over the last 18 months. You deserve better, I'm going to give it.

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