Syria Army Fight To Secure Borders With Lebanon

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Damascus (the world) 09/23/2013 - Our correspondent reported that the Syrian army has stepped up military operations on several areas, while keep an eye on the border which are important for loin inside Syria. Crossing new Yabous border on the Syrian-Lebanese border, which was able to Syrian army despite the war imposed on it protect them from attacks by militants based in the mountains of Zabadani and villages Kfir Yabous and Yabous, after attempts to control it, to ensure the army so the continued movement of passengers and the flow of goods to and from Lebanon. A military officer said a brigadier correspondent for: The crossing Alastratejda the is important and linking Beirut with Damascus, and is known throughout history, how important Damascus and its relationship with Beirut, and in particular the presence of the Lebanese resistance which supports the Syrian position never support against terrorist groups. He added: So is this strategic target corridor for terrorist groups, but they Khosioa will not pass on this crossing. And extends military operations toward the border, which was witnessing infiltration of armed groups from the villages of the western Beqaa Lebanon to control the border and close the illegal crossings, and spread in the region, forming a fence in the face of any process of smuggling and infiltration. A Syrian military captain to our correspondent: We are now on the Lebanese-Syrian border, where the dirt that covers her is the boundary between the Lebanese territory and Syrian territory, and elements of the army and the armed forces are spread Alay Alhaddudwi the task of preventing the infiltration of terrorists and terrorist groups. Syrian military lt said : from right area of ​​the factory comes north Essaouira, and reconsider the position of the Arabs, and Aita pottery, and the other side comes the point of the process. The Lebanese border bring in arms and militants deep into Syria, and the Syrian army that could control a large area which, while impeding the rugged terrain of the other section. the Syrian army adjusts locations daily to prevents the infiltration of militants inside, in the strategy through which hampers the movement of militants to and from inside Syria.

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