Hag with Two Faces Haunted Dobbins Garden - Canada Ghosts

SUBSCRIBE & JOIN THE FAMILY. Please follow us on twitter at like our facebook page at #!/pages/Dorset-Ghost-Investigators/259833150723729Hag with Two Faces on Dobbins Garden Bell Island Haunted. This island is definitely a strange place of and in itself. A banshee is believed to wander this area and the surrounding marshland. They are reported to appear in two forms, as a beautiful woman dressed in white or as a frightening old hag. Local legend holds that men who have gone near this area have mysteriously gone missing for days at a time. When they finally emerge from the marshland, they are completely unaware about the time lapse. Their only memories are a putrid smell, and a grotesque old woman in ragged clothes crawling towards them from the bushes forcing them to the ground with the smell of credit to:Kevin MacLeod ()".Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution " for Images in video:This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike Unported LicenseThis file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike Generic license.

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